Reusable Sanitary
Period Pads


Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Disposable sanitary pads are one of the largest sources of plastic pollution in the world. 


The Nanikana Reusable Sanitary Period Pads are made locally and are an eco-friendly

alternative to the mass produced disposable pads. They are  great for sensitive skins

and a lot more affordable as they can last you for years as they are carefully made by

hand with 3 different types of layers for a maximum of absorbency, comfort

and protection: 

-100% cotton top layer, 

-Layers of super absorbent microfiber,

-Waterproof PUL 

Perfectly suitable for menstrual periods, urinary incontinence, pregnancy and post-partum,

they come in a set of 3 or 6: 3 pads & 1 waterproof bag or

                                                 6 pads & 1 waterproof bag


Available in size Teen, Small/Light, Medium/Regular,  Large/Heavy, Night and Postpartum.